Sorciere Born of Shadows – Book 2



Sorciere Born of Shadows – Book 2

“Accepting her new reality in the world of witches is not easy, but Abby dives in with fervor, honing her water element and studying the magical world around her. The lessons are hard, but the real challenge appears when Sebastian, her human love, begins to pull away. Sebastian’s growing distance is overshadowed by the All Hallow’s Ball. The ball is held on All Hallow’s Eve – the night when the veil between the living and the dead vanishes and the witches of the world gather for an enchanted celebration. Little does Abby know, a powerful evil has begun to unravel the Coven of Ula from within. The All Hallow’s Ball will trigger a series of terrifying events that Abby’s coven is powerless to avoid.”


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