Ula: Born of Shadows

Book 1 in the Born of Shadows urban fantasy series.
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Ula Born of Shadows – Book 1

Less than 24 hours after Abby abandons her mundane life, her captivating journey into a world of murder, spirits and witches begins.

Intrigue, magic and of course love. The Born of Shadows Series is pure enchantment that you won’t be able to put down. Join the adventure today.

On a quiet morning in the sunlit forests of Northern Michigan, Abby stumbles upon the body of a young girl.

Thus begins a journey to uncover a mysterious magic that is woven into the fabric of Abby’s past, present and future. With the aid of Sebastian, the moody, blue-eyed stranger who’s plagued by the hauntingly similar murder of his sister, Abby and Sebastian embark on a crusade that leaves behind the realms of the ordinary world.

Guided by moonlight and the tattered journal of Sebastian’s murdered sister, Abby and Sebastian navigate the dark, turbulent waters of Lake Superior in search of a secret island that is home to the Coven of Ula.

The island is no ordinary place, it is filled with magic, mystery and…witches.

Will the evil that stalks Abby reach her before she can unravel the secrets of her powerful destiny?

Ula is the first book in the mystifying urban fantasy series: Born of Shadows. Start Reading today!

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